Nayla Farmhouse

Nayla Farmhouse Swimming Pool is an upcoming mindfulness resort, currently functional as a swimming pool. Managed and founded by a retired Army person. It is at a distance of 15 kms from Jaipur centre. Located at the outskirts of a village named Nayla. It’s unique location offers hill view with sunrise and sunset in vast open fields. Recreational Spot to spend some time away from chaos of city life. Some time with nature, rain showers, pool side party, horse riding.

The mission of Farmhouse is to provide a unique dining experience that focuses on sustainability and community. We aim to source our ingredients from local farmers and producers to ensure the freshest, highest quality dishes while minimizing our environmental impact.

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Kailash Sanwriya

This BIG BOSS of Nayla Farmhouse is a retired Army person. More than himself he finds solace in taking care of the farm & the pets here. Proud owner of a Mahindra Thar, he has the motivation & energy of a youngster, cheerfulness of a kid and maturity befitting his age. 


Nitesh Sanwariya

Started NFH Hikers as a result of his love for the outdoors. Loves the village lifestyle to the core. He has represented Rajasthan NCC in Cross Country Races, Air Rifle Shooting and swimming. Would find time for his siesta even if all around him is falling apart. 



Loved by all the guests who have had riding experience with her. This stead-footed mare is a beauty & is a delight to watch while she trots. For sure nobody disturbs her while she is grazing on her farm. 



She is a beauty with brawns. Looks fierce but acts cute. Don't go by her huge size, she is loved by all those who meet her. Though a guard dog to her core, she is on watch for the whole night. 



Our dumb dogo is active only during the night. Seeks attention from all the guests. Usually found relaxing in 'GEELI MITTI'. So adorable that it is therapy to pat him.